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Uncle Fossill Tells Me Why Crows Cant Sing

Story ID:7060
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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When I was about ten years old,My Uncle Fossill and I were walking along a trail out in the woods near where He lives up in Podunk County Tennessee when I heard a lot of Crows screeching and cawing down in a distant hollow (or holler as Uncle Fossill calls them)Uncle Fossill,I asked,why cant the Crows sing like other Birds do?Boy,He said,since you asked me that question,Ima gonna tell yew. This is the story that He told Me.
At one time,this whole Country was covered with a giant Forest so big,that you could walk from Maine to Mexico and never leave the shade of it's trees,and within that great forest there lived a lot of birds and animals,back then the Crow was blessed with a beautiful singing voice,It was so beautiful that it could make the most callous of Men cry at the sound of it,there were also in this great forest,a goodly number of Unicorns,unfortunately the Crows were jealous of the beauty of the Unicorns,not being satisfied with thier own beautiful singing voice and would follow the Unicorns around all over the woods screeching at them and calling them names,well the poor little unicorns were so unhappy with the crows unceasing harassment that they sought out an old witch,who lived in a cave up there on that big old Mountain yonder and asked Her if she could hide them and make the crows stop hollering at them,now this Witch was not a very good Witch in that Her spells were always going wrong,She would say the wrong words or put a different ingredient in her potions that weren't called for or she was just a bit careless anyway she waved Her magic wand,she whispered a few magic words and muttered an incantation or two and told the Unicorns that help had been rendered.The next day,as the Unicorns went out to play,they found that they were invisible!They couldent even see each other!And of course the crows couldent see them either,not only that but the crows could not sing,all they could do is make that caw caw sound that you are hearing now.
Uncle Fossill,I said,I have never seen a Unicorn,so how do I know if they even exist?Boy,said Uncle Fossill,didn't I jest tell yew that them Unicorns was invisible!? and do yew hear them crows a hollering?Yes,I replied,I hear those Crows,well thats proof enough,said Uncle Fossill,yew cant see no Unicorns because they are invisible,and yew can hear the Crows hollering and not singing thats how yew know what Ima telling yew is true and not somthing I made up!
Of course,I had to agree with My Uncle Fossill because it all made perfect sense to me
Bob Mitchum