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Story ID:7073
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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When I was about fifteen
I ran away from home
anxious to be a Man
and live life on my own,

And in a distant Town
while walking down the street
an Old and Wizend Hobo
I did chance to meet.

He said to Me "Hey Son,
I see you're down on luck,
but if you have some money,
maybe just a buck,

I'll tell You My story,
it might turn your life around
and you wont end up like Me,
not knowing where you're bound."

I didn't have any money
but He kept talking anyway
He said He'd had a home once
and three square meals a day.

But just like me He left it
and went on the road to roam
with no place to lay his head at night
and no place to call his home.

He said that if He could go back
and hug His Mom and Dad
He'd do it in a second
and He wouldent feel so bad,

He said He'd look His Dad right in the eye
and ask His forgiveness like a man
and if His Dad would let Him stay
He'd never roam again,

but it's too late for me He said
for My Parents have both gone on
but it aint too late for you young man
so turn around and go back home.

I took that Old Hobo's advice
back home i went without delay
and I often think of that old man
on cold and wintry days,

and I Pray He found a place
a nice warm place to stay
and I thank God that I met Him
on that long ago and distant day.