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Amazoni Joining Song-Amazoni/English

Story ID:7074
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Amazoni Joining Song-Amazoni/English

Dayesh thruck et jah-skated
wah harcope, wah sule, wah loosh-koy
Weeshgah sinnah toe peskuhs
jay thee-dah looshkoy-oots
wah-ną nowah won-ską wee-hee
wah foash-gah stesh

Cojay see-has tah-oh seh-ah gay-hay
boo-shką mahesh thah-ahn thet neelą gay-hay
set harcope

Tah-oh neeshgah coyo bo-kahn
wee-hee p'check
d'nah tah-shkee toe toos mooskuhs smah-peh
weeshgah lek yahtoo sah hepay

Today they are joined
one heart, one soul, one love
We sing the praises
of these lovers
who now walk with
one footstep

Many horses this warrior gave
but more than that she gave
her heart

This night will burn
with passion
and then the two moons smile
we leave you to be happy