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Chapped Lips

Story ID:7077
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Another memory from my past...

Chapped Lips
By Chuck Dishno

My Dad, Ed Dishno, was born on cattle ranch in 1884 in the Big Hole Valley near Jackson, Montana.

His Father was an early day homesteader in Montana and they knew many hard times as the weather then was much colder and harsher than now but they learned to make due with what was on hand.

Many years later my Dad lost his own ranch due to the great depression. Pop took it all in stride and went to Oregon with my Mom where I was born in 1934..

One thing Pop always had on hand was a tin of salve called Pazo. He learned to use this salve in the harsh weather of Montana and Oregon for chapped lips. It seemed to do the trick and we all used it including my Mom, Grandmother and two half-brothers.

When I was about 15, Pop, who had been a timber faller for several years in Oregon followed his companyís move to Dinuba, California.

I would join him in the summers and we would work side-by-side falling trees. It was a great time in my life, being able work with this wonderful man.

One Saturday we came out of the woods and went to Dinuba to stock up on supplies.

While Mom did most of the shopping, Pop said he was about out of Pazo so he went to a drugstore to purchase another tin or two. When he couldnít find any Pazo on the shelf, he asked the druggist if he carried it. The druggist said that he didnít carry that brand but had something else just as good for hemorrhoids. Pop, looked startled and said, "Hemorrhoids, is that what that stuff is for, hell, Iíve been using it for chapped lips for 50 years!"

The druggist just about fell over laughing and when he finally composed himself said, "Well, I guess whatís good for one end is good for the other."

I asked Pop where he had heard about Pazo and said that one of his ranch hands had told him about it years ago and had been using it every since.

Pazo can still be found on some drugstore shelves. Goggle lists it as a pile or hemorrhoid ointment. They say nothing about chapped lips though

I can attest that it really does work on either end but I would suggest getting separate tins.