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Wrestling Matches in El Dorado

Story ID:7090
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Awed Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Wrestling Match in El Dorado

After the chores were done
After the supper dishes too
With our neck and ears washed
Down Hi-way 13 we flew

To El Dorado
In Dads old Olds coupe
To the wrestling matches
Held in town today.

Stopped at a big building
Found a place to park
As Dad got our tickets
It was getting dark.

Big match today
Everyone in town was there
Found our ringside seats
Just a folding chair

The match was between
Chief Three-Finger and Jerry Malone
Jerry Malone was the favorite
Chief Three-Finger wasn’t well known

As Jerry stepped into the ring
His muscled body shown
When Chief Three-finger entered
The hometown crowd would moan.

Three-Finger removed his feather head-dress
The crowd booed and booed
He raised his right hand
Two fingers had been removed

They circled each other
And just like that
Chief Three-Finger had
Jerry down on the mat.

Chief Three-Finger using a stubby finger
Jerry’s belly button he was poking
The Referee didn’t see
Sounded like Jerry was croaking

The crowd was yelling
Referee, Referee
Can’t you see?
What Three-Finger is doing to Jerry

Three-Finger would stop
Every time the referee would check
When the referee looked away
He’d poke a stubby finger into Jerry’s neck

Musta made Jerry Malone mad
Suddenly Jerry broke free
Put Three-Finger down Flat on his back
Chief Three-Finger lost the match as the referee counted one two three.
Monte L. Manka 04-12-11

True Story
I was just a little kid. Why I remember this I don’t know. But the names are real, Jerry Malone and
Chief Three-Finger. Some of you historians check me out. Why they quit the wrestling matches I don’t know.
Had to be in the early thirties. Monte L. Manka