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Seasons Like a River Flow

Story ID:7105
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Seasons come and Seasons go
Seasons like a River flow,
first it's Summer then it's Fall
then Old Man Winter makes a call.

Like a Weaver a Tapestry weaves
Mother Nature brings the Leaves,
but too soon They to are gone
as Winter Winds sing their Song.

Snow falls cold upon the Ground
and gives the Trees a shining Crown,
and soon a new Spring will bring
back the Birds on Wings to Sing.

They build a Nest,hatch their Young
now a new Season has begun
as Seasons come and Seasons go
the Seasons like a River flow.
Bob Mitchum