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How to spend less time on Facebook

Story ID:7121
Written by:Julie Grassley (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Diary/Journal Entry
Location:Ohio USA
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How to spend less time on Facebook

Are you neglecting your hygiene? When was the last time you played with your children? Have you interacted with your friends in person? Do you lay in bed and imagine what your next status update will be? Have you applied for a job recently?

Positives to cutting back on Facebook
1. You can interact with friends, mates, children and pets more often.
2. That giant dust ball might finally get your attention
3. You may seek and find a job.
4. Exercise will find its way back into your life.
5. Carpal tunnel will improve.
6. And when you do return to Facebook just think of all the red notifications you'll have!!!!!

I forgot to tell you how to spend less time! Just pick certain hours of the day for facebook time (if you have children, preferably when they are asleep or in school, if you have a job, when you're not working).