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Rush Hour in Seoul, Korea

Story ID:7131
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Rush Hour in Seoul, Korea

Rush Hour in Seoul, Korea

Rush Hour in Seoul, Korea

Nice day to travel
Down Inchon way
Traffic not very bad
For a Sunday.

But for a couple street cars
And a Honey wagon or two
This guy with the two wheeled cart
We passed right through

Seoul to the checkpoint at
ASCOM city
Get my pass checked
Seemed such a pity

On this beautiful day
This was all the MPís had to do
Check to see if I was Korean
And my passenger too

Crossed the bridge
Over the river Han
Just a few more minutes
To the harbor Inchon.

This was an emergency run
To get a case of penicillin
For the 29th Gen. Hospital
And the requisition I was fillin.

Coming back
I was the only vehicle for miles
Saw a wood burner truck stalled
Got some wood chips from a pile

After he got the fire going
He also headed up the road
To Seoul
To deliver his load.

Nothing else on the road
Only a Poppa-Son or two
Shuffling along
With those funny shoes

The rest of the twenty miles to the Lab
No traffic or trials
On down that dusty road
Delivered my penicillin vials.

Iíll have to learn to drive all over again
When I hit the States
No more two wheeled carts, or Honey wagons
To drive, Iíll have to relearn to navigate

Monte L. Manka 04-19-11