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A1 or A2?

Story ID:7135
Written by:Julie Grassley (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Biography
Location:Northeast USA
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A1 or A2?

So basically the worst thing for me about going to the dentist is not being able to talk. I'm a talker, I've accepted it. I do try to actually ask others questions and listen, I love listening to other people but I often talk so much they aren't getting much in.
Anyway, so I'm at the dentist and I got the Novocain drool going on, mouth open shit stuck in there. And I hear the dentist ask the assistant, "What do you think A1 or A2?"
I'm assuming that they are discussing the color of the filling. I so wanted to yell out, "I'm not concerned with the whole white teeth thing, I kinda think yellow and crooked is more natural, let's be honest here give me the A2."
I floss, gargle and brush every day, don't get me wrong, I'm into clean teeth but I think white and straight is overrated.
It's a good thing I can't talk under the influence of Novocain I might have said, "Give me the green color, it'll be funny, people will tell me I have spinach in my teeth and I'll laugh and say, oh no that's my filling color, A49.