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The Chosun Hotel, Seoul Korea

Story ID:7136
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Curious Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Chosun Hotel, Seoul Korea

Famous Seoul, Korean Hotel

I’ve seen pictures of the Bellagio
I’ve heard of the Fountainebleau
The Biltmore of Los Angeles
The Fairmont Hotel too

But the one I remember
So very well
Is that famous
Chosun Hotel.

I’ve driven past this piece of history
Many times in an Army Jeep
I often wondered what it was like inside
As I drove by on the street.

One day while I chauffeured
Our “Captain of Supply”
“Take me to the Chosun Hotel”
Was the Captain’s order and I did comply

I thought he would ask me
To accompany him
Into the Chosun Hotel Lobby
I knew my chances were Mighty Slim

When I stopped in front
Of the Chosun Hotel
The captain got out
Told me to pick him up at a quarter till

Twelve O’clock
Not a minute later, PFC
If you’re not here then
You’ll answer to me.

As he entered the door
I tried to sneak a peek
Only Officers were in there
Not a single PFC.

I parked the Jeep
Strode up to the Chosen Hotel door
Opened it to go inside
Solid “Brass”, nothing more

Lt.’s, Capt.’s, Majors
It was obvious you see
Strictly Army Officers
Not a Sgt., Cpl., nor a PFC

Then I felt someone grip my arm
It was an army MP
I was ushered out into the street
Was told this as no place for a PFC.

As I drove away, suddenly
It dawned on me
With a change in my Army Status
I could become an “MP”

Then I could satisfy my curiosity
Spy legally on the Army Brass
Tell all to my curious Army Buddies
By this Private First Class.

In 1946 this is the front
Of the Chosun Hotel
This picture tells the story
Chosun Hotel, farewell.

PFC Monte L. Manka 04-22-11