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Chelsea School is now a Barn

Story ID:7140
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Saddened Chelsea Kansas Boy
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Chelsea School is now a Barn

Chelsea School is now a Barn

Chelsea School is now a Barn?

After attending Chelsea School
From September until May
It breaks my heart to think
It was used to store baled hay.

For eight years I walked those graveled roads
Cold north winds, showers of April and May
Dust storms, snow we hurried to school for shelter
Now the Schoolhouse is used to store baled hay

When it rained the school ground was mud
When it snowed it was pure and white
During those awful dust storms
With wet hankies we held class out side, what a sight

I see the weeds
That in the springtime was always there
Except in the bleak wintertime
The school ground was bare

Th old water pump
Where we were able to fill our cups
Teacher pumped and pumped
So each student could fill up

That covered porch
After the bell we assembled quietly there
In a line, little ones in front
No pushing, no shoving, you didnít dare

That only door
With that big handle of brass
The only entrance there
To return to class.

Three windows on the east
To let in the morning sun
Three windows on the west
Where the sun told you the day was almost done.

Those old desks with the carving
Cut deep into the top of the desk
Of older students initials, and names
Made writing on paper quite a task

Our little programs
We enjoyed acting in the plays
For our parents and neighbors
Defiled with baled hay.

As I look at this picture
Of Chelsea school today
She still stands proudly in my mind
Even with the baled hay.

All this was for naught
She lies under thirty feet of water
For those that attended Chelsea School
I for one have not forgot her.

Monte L. Manka 04-22-11