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Korean Notions

Story ID:7146
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet Ca. USA
Person:Show Bound Shelsea Kansas Kid
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Korean Notions

Korean Notions


On the way to Seoul
To the 24th corps picture show
I had to pass right by the Bung Chung
Wouldn’t you know?

I started walking looking
Into the shops
The smell that was present
Made you not want to stop

As I was walking keeping
My forward moving motion
I found that I could buy
A “Notion” (for-two-ten-Yen)

Every storefront had a “Notion” sign
Hammered Copper pots and pans
An old Singer Sewing machine
I couldn’t read Korean

So I didn’t find out
What the “Notions” were
This was the “Elite” of Bung street
I enjoyed shopping there

I could never figure out
Why the women dressed in white and black
With all the beautiful colored silks
Their dress reminded me of a Kansas chicken feed sack.

I left the “Notions” store fronts
Down on the Bung Chung, doncha know
Headed for the XXIV Corps Theater
To see the latest USO stage show.

Past the Chosun Hotel
As I drove along I heard a drum
That’s right a drum
High above the street I could see the drum

I stopped to see what was going on,
Only the drummer was in sight
Reminded me of the Salvation Army Band
At Main and Central in El Dorado Kansas on Saturday night.

In this makeshift bandstand
In this hastily thrown up thing
Looked rickety to me
What were they were playing?

Only a Korean would could tell
I was listening to it all
While a man in a suit
Relieved himself against the wall.

I had to move on
Get my ticket and enter
That old 24th corps
Army Theater.
Monte L. Manka 04-24-11