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29th. Gen. Hosp, CrewDecember 1945

Story ID:7176
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Homesick Kid Chelsea Kansas,
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29th. Gen. Hosp, CrewDecember 1945

29th Gen. Hosp. Dec. 1945

Ran on to this photo
It was tucked away

This the original crew
Of the office of Medical Supply
Of the 29th.Gen. Hosp. In Korea
Many years ago in 1945

I arrived in November
It was very cold
The old radiator behind us
No warm steam did it hold.

Thats me seated on the right
With that Cheshire Cat grin
Youngest of the bunch
In front of a Guadalcanal veteran

M/Sgt. Klejna
Was top NCO in Supply
Just below him was Tech/Sgt. Jimmie Gott
Who was the next lowest guy.

2nd Lt. Mc Cllough
Was seated behind the desk
You did what he wanted
All he had to do was ask.

Floyd C. Mac Daniel standing on the left
We started out together in Tyler, Texas
After completing our Basic Training
This is where we spent our first Christmas

Far away from Home
Me from Kansas, Ohio for Mac
At that time we thought
We would never get back

Seemed so far away
This lonely, lonely Christmas
Was a miserable day.

Tech./Sgt Gott, Mast./Sgt Klejna,
Had enough points to go home
Also Cpl. Harris second from the left
Mac, Mcllough, and I are all alone.

Started out on an Underwood typewriter
Made seven carbon copies
Had to hit the letters so hard
Thought Id break the keys.

The names of these fine men
Are burned into my brain
I often wondered what happened to them
In my mind they will always remain.

Mac and I were lucky
The war ended before we arrived
So it was peacetime for us
We came out alive

And kicking
When I arrived home
Id never go overseas again
Never more to roam

It was back to cutting wheat
Shucking corn,
Milking the cows
In the evening and early morn

Started back to college
My Army life was done
Thank goodness it is over
For me and every one.

Monte L. Manka 05-2-11