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Panic in Medical Supply

Story ID:7180
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Stockade bound Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Panic in Medical Supply

Panic in Medical Supply

Ist. Of July 1946
Time for the monthly inventory
Of the Narcotics room
Today would be another story

A few doors down the hall
Was a small double padlocked room
In it stored Whiskey, Dental Gold, Narcotics
And alcohol by the drum.

Our Capt. Knight and I
Met Lt. Gelfand
I placed the inventory sheet
Into Lt. Gelfandís hand

The two padlocks were opened
We stepped inside
Things were going great
Until we got to the Cocaine Hydrochloride

There was a bottle short
Only five on the shelf
One bottle was missing
I was thinking to myself

Where did it go?
No windows in this room
Padlocks werenít broken
Had a feeling of impending doom

Lt. Gelfand turned to me and said
Sgt. Iíll give you just one hour
To find this missing bottle
On his face a look so sour

I slinked down the hall
Things racing through my mind
Trying to figure where the missing bottle was
I was in a bind

My buddies in Medical Supply got busy
Mac said lets check all the June requisitions
Made to the Dispensary and Lab
Started a furtive hunting expedition

Hoping that
Maybe we can find
What that missing bottle had
Ended up behind.

On a requisition from the lab
We had issued Cocaine Hydrochloride on that date
Stock number had been transposed
Had an extra bottle of Codeine Sulfate

1145000 Cocaine Hydrochloride
1148000 Codeine Sulfate
Somehow the stock number mix up
Was deciding my fate

We called the Lab
The Dispensary too
Found the unopened bottle
Only one thing to do

Run up to the Lab
Make the exchange from
Cocaine hydrochloride to Codeine Sulfate
Hurry back to the Narcoticís room

My Hour almost up thanks to my buddies,
The Lab, Capt. Knight I had it made
Saved again by good luck
And I had averted the Army Stockade

Called the Narcotics officer
Placed the inventory sheet into his hand
No questions did he ask
This inventory did stand

Just another day in my life
Looking back I was a lucky guy
To have the support of my buddies
And Captain Knight of Medical Supply.

Monte L. Manka 5-4-11