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Home in the Oil Patch

Story ID:7188
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Home in the Oil Patch

Home in the Oil Patch

Dear Bessie Mae:

I’m sending you this photo
Of Arthur and me
On the east side of our house
Where it was shady

Arthur is working on the pipeline
Twelve hours a day
With all his hours in a week
We get more money on payday

From the pipeline company
Than we did the summer long
From daylight until darkness
Working on that dusty old farm.

We have running water
From the spigot on the porch
Furnished by the Pipeline Company
Of course

The wind has been blowing
Steady for a couple days
Have to keep the doors and windows shut
To keep the dust away

At least we have protection
From the cold and hot
Not like the old farmhouse
Where the windows wouldn’t shut.

We’re saving our money
For a buggy and a horse
I’m tired of walking five miles
To the store, of course

I can’t ask Arthur
He’s is tired after working all day
When I ask him if he’ll go to the store
He says “No Way”

We’re just outside El Dorado
They call it “Oil Hill”
We’ll live here for the present
We’ll be here until

Arthur’s work in finished
Then we’ll just move on down
To some other home
In another small town

I like it here
I would love to stay
Arthur’s thrilled to death
We have a baby on the way.

I’ll end this Letter
Bessie Mae
I see the mailman
Heading this way

Give Wilbur our love
And little Peggy Lou
And of course
We send our love to you.

Love and Kisses
Write us soon
Respectfully yours
Bertha June.

Monte L. Manka 05-6-11