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Update to Prayers Needed

Story ID:7208
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:OurEcho Community
Location:Gilboa NY USA
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Two weeks ago tonight, Tae had a Hemoragic Stroke. I posted a request for prayers for her. (See Prayers Needed, story ID#7169.) This is an update on her condition.

She has had to fight severe swelling of the brain. She lost a lot of blood and it is all encased inside the skull. The blood vessel that broke is in a location that will not allow a drain to be placed. The body has to absorb all of that blood. One of the doctor team that is taking care of her told me yesterday that it will take probably many weeks for the blood to b absorbed, and it is causing trouble until it is.

It was discovered Tuesday of the second week that she is having seizures. They were small enough there was no outside appearance of them. The head doctor of the team was doing something with her and noted a flicker in one eye. Having seen those before, he was suspicios and ordered an EEG. The EEG confirmed the seizures. He said she will always have them, but they are controllable with medication. They did a second EEG on Wednesday. That one was to try to determine the size, severity, duration and frequency of the seizures. They gave her medication to stop the seizures and hooked the machine to her head and are monitoring it constantly since then. She has had no more seizures.

They are gradually reducing the amount of seizure medication and will continue until there is none, to see whether the seizures will start again.

She did have a high fever for several days but the fever is now gone. The third day they said she had pneumonia. A few days later they said she does not have it. The lab had said she did but after they had time to grow a culture, they determined tht it was not the case.

I was told that when a person lays unconcious for a long period of time the feet tend to curl downwards. When they come too, if they are pointed downwards for any length of time, they stay that way and the person cannot walk. To prevent that from happening they have both feet and legs enclosed in a large air splint.

They did an MRI last Sunday, but there was so much blood hiding everything they were unable to learn anything from it. They had hoped to learn what cause this to happen, and to learn whether there might be a tumor present. They will have to repeat the MRI at some future date.

Thursday of this week, surgeons performed a trachiotomy and inserted a feeding tube directly through the stomach wall. They removed the breathing tube and feeding tube from her throat and assuredme that now she will be much more comfortable.

Her blood pressure in the beginning was very high. Then it went very low. Now it is stabilized and normal.

She remains unconcious and unresponsive. Early on, she was very agitated and had at one time tried to get out of bed. She has removed needles and tubes several times and because of it, they had to strap her arm down with restraints and had to put a large mitten on her hand. That has stopped now and the restraints and mitten have been removed. The first couple of days she spoke to us and tried to open her eyes. She has been unresponsive ever since.

Last Wednesday while they were hooking the wires to her head for the EEG, she opened both eyes, looked straight at me. The nurses and I were both excited. After about three minutes she closed her eyes again and has not opened them since.

When she had her eyes open, I got close to her and asked if she could see me. She made no reply and it looked as if, even with her eyes open, she was not seeing anything at all.

I have been informed she will remain in the ICU for a long time. I have also been told it may be a year before she will be able to come home from rehab, assuming she lives and makes it to rehab. Her left side is paralyzed but some of the doctors believe it is not as bad as they first believed. She has moved her left hand about four inches two or three different times, which I am told is a good sign.

I did not go to see her today. It is a two hour trip each way to the hospital. We have 8 parrots and a dove, as well as between 35 and 50 cats to take care of. For the first week my Japanese daughter was here and helped me a lot. She left last Sunday morning and since that time I have been alone.

The two developmentally disabled men we take care of, I have out in other homes on emergency respite for three weeks. At the end of the three weeks I will be taking care of them again, and again, on my own.

A few days ago I fell asleep while on the toilet and woke while falling off. Thursday I was eating my lunch in a restaurant booth and fell asleep four times. Yesterdy on the way to and from the hospital, I had to fight hard to stay awake. I determined then I must stay home today and get some much needed rest and a little extra sleep. From now on, I will not travel to the hospital every day. Mydoctor told me last Monday that I have to take care of myself. I guess I had better start listening to my doctor.

That about sums up all there is to tell. I know some of you have been wondering.

I want to thank all of you that have been praying for Tae and ask that you continue to pray for her. I ask that you also pray for me, as it looks like I can use a little help too.

I especially want to thank Sandi from Florida, Susan Poole, Nancy Kopp, Barbara Taft, David Pitkin, Chuck Dishno, Michael Smith and all the others who have been so kind and helpful and made personal contacts with offers of help. Your offers of hel- and your calls and messages are gratefully received.


Fred Wickert