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Watin at the Station No. 2

Story ID:7241
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Cold Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Watin at the Station No. 2

Waitin at the Station

On this cold and bitter morning
I can see old number “9”
Coming round the bend
Right on time

As old number “9” heads for the station
About a mile or so away
I have a warm feeling
On this cold and blustery day

There is someone on the Pullman car
That I’m anxious to see
I thought it would never happen
Seems like an eternity

Since I left home broke and alone
I finally have a steady job
Some money put away
And a log cabin on “Gobblers Knob”

Not much of a dowry
To give my new bride
Coming in from the Flat Lands
She’ll soon be by my side.

As the people leave the train
I waited patiently
For that pretty gal from Kansas
Who’s soon my bride to be.

After all the passengers had departed
And I stood there all-alone
Suddenly the cold hit me
I stood chilled to the bone

The porter called my name
I said, “that’s me”
He handed me an envelope
I got weak in the knees

I stepped into the warm station
With a heavy heart
With a couple toots of it’s whistle
I watched Old Number “9” depart.

There was an empty feeling
Deep inside of me
I opened the envelope
For it’s contents to see.

It started with “Dear John”
I’ve met someone new
I love him just as much
As I loved you.

I’ve decided not to leave the “Flat Land”
I’m going to marry Bill
With a home close to Mama and Papa
Out here on “Blueberry Hill”.

I’m sorry that it took you so long
Five years was all I could wait
Then that proposal in the mail
Only said that you were ready for a mate

I hope you have a happy life
We’re getting married this fall
Got the Preacher and church picked out
Bill and I are going to have a ball.

Please see how I felt these five years
Not hearing from you months at a time
Fearing the worst had happened to you
Weighed heavily on my mind

John it’s over this is the last you’ll hear from me
Please don’t write, your letters I will burn
Enjoy your life in Saskatchewan
Signed Bertha Fern.

John let out a “whoopee”
He felt free at last
He could start a new life
Escaping that blast from the past.

John was happy with the news
Brought by Old Number “9”
The bad news that we thought John had got
Turned out to be a finish-line.
Monte L. Manka 05-25-11