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Uncle Fossill

Story ID:7260
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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My Uncle Fossill wrote Me a couple of weeks ago asking My help in getting His Bar Be Que bussiness up and running,I wrote Him back and informed Him that I would be very glad to help.So
I went out and purchased one of those huge propane back yard Bar Be Ques that I had noticed in a cataloug not long before being contacted by My Uncle Fossill.It came complete with propane gas tank.
I loaded this and all sorts of cooking paraphenelia onto the back of My truck and away I went,up to Podunk Tennessee to help get My Uncle Fossill and Aunt Flossie Mae's bussiness started.I first unloaded the huge black barbeque cooking pit,all the while explaining to Uncle Fossill about the merits of using propane to cook barbeque.Uncle Fossill allowed that He had never even heard of cooking with "thet Dadburned stuff!" at any rate I felt that with time He would come around to thinking my way and continued unloading my truck,meanwhile Uncle Fossill and Aunt Flossie Mae were examining the tank of propane and exclaiming about "dad gum new fangled thangs".
Finally every thing was assembled and I went into the house to rest a bit before going out and lighting the tank when I noticed Uncle Fossill stroll through the house and go into the kitchen,He rummaged around in there for a bit and then left through the back kitchen door.I could hear He and Aunt Flossie Mae talking quietly out side and though a bit curious,my attention had been drawn to the news paper article about NASCAR racing.Suddenly I heard a very loud SWWOOSSHHHH! which had come from out side.Thinking a great calamity had occured,I raced out there to find Uncle Fossill and Aunt Flossie Mae with hands shading the sun from thier eyes and looking sky wards."Well!" Uncle Fossill muttered,dont thet beat all?"I looked skywards Myself and could just make out a tiney speck in the western sky as the whole barbeque contraption seemingly headed for space."Uncle Fossill",i asked,"what happened?"
"Nuthin"he replied,I just lit the dad burned thang!I turned hit on and come got a match outta that kitchen came out here and lit the dang thang!Later that evening the world news reported another possible flying saucer landing out in Roswell New Mexico and that the remains of what appeared to be charred aliens had been taken to area 51 for further study.
The next day as I again watched the evening news,it was reported that government employees had enjoyed a great barbeque dinner on an undisclosed military base.