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Leave My Mother Goose Alone!

Story ID:7268
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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I really don't know too much about geese, but I respect them as I do all animals
whom God has created. Yes, I purposely used the pronoun "whom" because animals
are living breathing beings - not things. As for the geese themselves, I think they
have a reputation for being testy at times, but I don't feel that gives us the right to be
cruel to them. Recently, I saw on TV that a goose kept on following a man in the
neighborhood and neither he or his neighbors were much perturbed by it. In fact,
it was kind of cute and even comical seeing this goose follow him wherever he went -
maybe even lessoning the "testy" characterization. At least this one is friendly.

Thank goodness, most of the people I know aren't in the financial strata where they
can afford to buy foie gras and for that I am grateful. It is a food that I'm sure we all
know about by now which is made from the fattened livers of geese.

l believe it was the French who pioneered this very cruel way to fatten the livers of
geese. You probably have seen as I pictures of people forcing open the beaks of
geese and inserting a tube down their throats into which they pour - yes, actually pour
copious amounts of feed. I just wonder how it is possible that those poor birds don't
choke or at least gag. One thing I am certain though is that this meal time for them
which should be pleasurable is anything but. What a horrid experience to be subjected
to over and over and over again until one day the farmer decides the liver is large
enough to have her killed.

I was disappointed when Pres. Obama and the First Lady on their visit to France
couldn't resist partaking of this "delicacy." Somehow they went down a notch or two
in my estimation. I also had been disappointed to learn that former Pres. Jimmy Carter
and Rosalyn had attended a bull fight while visiting Spain, and I wrote them telling them
so. I guess I foolishly expect presidents to show good example and be people of
compassion. Sadly, I'm afraid that most, if not all, fail my litmus test of compassion.
I think the only president who probably didn't is Abe Lincoln. Yes, he is my all time favorite
president. I am always uplifted in spirit when I either see his face or read about him.

I hadn't meant to write about foie gras but about my concrete goose - which was a
rescue from the garbage detail. But I decided it would be a good time to remind everyone
of how badly some - perhaps way too many geese are treated. But the goose I "rescued"
was not a live one. I "met" her on the steps of a home on a street which my dog and I
often frequented on our daily walks. I always smiled when I saw her "guarding" the

Then one day she was moved from her porch perch unto the tree lawn awaiting disposal
and the garbage unit. Obviously, the home had been sold and the new owners didn't
appreciate her as much as the former ones did. Oh no, she deserved better I thought,
and I decided I would love to have her.

I rang the doorbell of the house where she had for so long kept vigil and asked the
people if I might have her. The answer was positive, and I immediately went home to
get my car because she was quite heavy. One problem - she was so heavy that I couldn't
even lift her into my car. I can lift 50 pounds and sometimes do with bird seed, but I could
not lift her. She was made from solid concrete and probably weighed 60 or more pounds.
I then realized the difference between plaster and concrete!

Undeterred, I found my simple and cheap dolly and amazingly was able to get her onto
the step and then pull her backward to rest on the back of this upright dolly and off we went.
We must have looked comical - this old lady pushing a dolly with a concrete goose, but that
didn't bother me at all. A secret for you youngsters. As you age, you begin to care less
and less what others think.

I deposited her among my Mom's rose bushes and for a couple of years she stood
uncomplainingly guarding my roses and driveway and my house until one day a person
with a mean streak intentionally knocked her down. Since she had a steal rod that
connected her head which went deep into her body, not too much damage was done.
Then one day when I needed a handyman, I also "commissioned" him to plaster up her

Sadly, after that I would find her tipped over a couple of more times but this last time so
much of the concrete around her neck was gone and even the rod was terribly bent. She
needed emergency "surgery." But first that rod had to be straigthened and aligned with
her head. I tried and moved the rod a bit. It needed someone with more strength to
straigthen it. I moved her into the second garage for now.

This week, I asked Michael, a friend who came to put in a window air conditioner on the
second floor to see if he could straigthen her out. Yes, slowly the rod lined up to her head
and body. Now, I would have to plaster the gaping wound, but that would be another day.

At church the next morning Michael surprised me when he stopped by my pew and deposited
some modeling clay into my hand. Great idea and when I came home, I left it in the sun
to soften. Before I could do any molding, I had to bring her out of the garage and did
so with my trusty dolly. It would be better to place her where I wanted her to be before
I did the modeling clay repair because it would be difficult to move her once I applied
and molded the clay to her head and neck.

Success! I don't know for how long my mother goose will be safe as I have moved her
further up in my rose flower bed, but for now I can see her guarding the driveway as my
daily bird visitors come for seed and the peanut butter/oil covered pieces of bread I prepare
for them the night before. I truly hope that Mother Goose is safer now. And I also hope
that whoever was so mean has turned a corner and will let her alone.