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Uncle Fossill Takes Me on a Vacation

Story ID:7271
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Just recently,Uncle Fossill called and invited Me to take a weeks vacation with Him.Not having a whole lot to do,I immediatly accepted His invitation,packed My bags and headed on up to Podunk Tennessee where He lives.
We went to Camp Wichewaytogo,a small back woods camp for flatland tourist located somewhere in the mountains of Tennessee.
Our first night wasn't too bad,except for the rather small size of the cabin,plus it rained all night and the roof leaked right over my bunk,the mattress was lumpy also,but I could have delt better with the lumpy mattress if it had not been for the millions of bed bugs which bite me all night,the bed bugs were not the worse thing though,it was the Misquitos which buzzed and bit more than the bed bugs.
The food was great too,after I learned to soak the biscuits in my coffee before trying to bite them. (My Dentist will be happy to hear this)
After breakfast we went for a swim in Lake Swampy where I almost got eaten alive by a few thousand leeches.
When the vacation was over and we were safely back at My Uncle Fossills house,I told Uncle Fossill that I would never ever go back to that place again! Ever! Uncle Fossill looked at me, smiled, and replied "Boy,that thar is zactly what yew said last year!
Bob Mitchum :)
(hope y'all have a lovely Summer)