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Room 4102-A

Story ID:7278
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Concerned Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Room 4102-A

Room 4102-A

Had a little Knot

In my chest day before yesterday

Burned a little

Then it went away.

Thought this was

Just a little indigestion

But at my age (84)

Might be need for more investigation.

Drove to Kaiser Permanente

Checked into Urgent care

The Doc. ran a bunch of tests

While I waited there.

He came back

Iíve got good news; Iíve got bad

About some silly enzyme

That was off just a tad.

Iíll contact the Heart Doctor

Weíll go from there

I was shaking in my boots

Wished I wasnít there.

The heart doctor

Looked at the tests

Iím checking you into the Hospital

I think itís best.

I said ďDoctor my car is in the lot

Iím thirty miles from home

My wife doesnít know about this

Sheís home all aloneĒ

ďMaybe I can come back tomorrowĒ

With a stern look the doctors face

I could see right away

I wasnít getting any place.

Put me in a wheelchair

I was wheeled away

To the fourth floor

To room 4102-A.

Stripped off all my street clothes

Donned one of those one-way Hospital gowns

Backed up to the bed

Then laid down

Iíve never had so much attention

In my life before

There were RNís

In and out my door

They drew blood

I had a wired Monitor, on my chest

X-Rayed several times

Sugar test, pressure test and more tests

Canít say enough good things

For the RNís that put up with me

Attended my every need

For those two days, seemed like an eternity

I ordered my meals

Off the menu, you see

It tasted very good

No complaints from me.

The Nurses, Doctors, staff

For Room 4102-A

Were A-one in my book

I enjoyed my stay

June 3 and 4 of 2011

Made me stop and think

Life is a funny thing

In just in a blink

Of an eye things change

Suddenly you realize

That you are not made of steel

And have to recognize

Youíd better mend your fences

Better say to those you love

The things sometimes you donít say

But only things youíre thinking of.

Monte L. Manka (recouping) 06-04-11