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I Embrace Both

Story ID:7317
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
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A new job was on the agenda for that Monday morning. I was a little
apprehensive. Although it was a new position, I wasnít too nervous. It was the twelfth
time Iíve started a new job in my career in telecommunications that has spanned two
countries: two provinces in Canada and four states of the United States.

It was a fresh start. I looked forward to learning new things and best of all,
making new friends.

I pulled into the parking lot and scanned the complex. It was huge: eight
buildings. With a effort, I found the main lobby, presented my letter of employment
to the security guard and waited for the administrator. She lead me to my cubicle, helped
me set up my new computer and introduced me to the team I would work with.

I spent my first week going through training material, but I itched to get my hands
dirty. A person can only read so much. One needs to get involved with the process to
really learn their job.

They finally moved me to a cubicle closer to the team I worked with. There I met
two great guys: Paul and Kevin. We connected right away. All three of us were in our
fifties, but new to the company and trying to learn our jobs.

We made a connection.

A few weeks later, Ginny and I sat in a diner with Kevin and his wife. We
laughed the evening away.

There it was! It was the thing I cherished: new friendships.

I have worked for many companies all over North America, and always met and
made great friendships. My work caused me to move on, but the friendships remain.

My first move scared me, but Iím not afraid of change anymore! Change brings
new opportunities. Change brings new friendships. Whatever happens in the future, I
know it will be change and friendships. I embrace both.

Michael T. Smith