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A Journal of Gratitude

Story ID:7323
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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I remember watching an Oprah show on which she encouraged everyone to keep
a Gratitude Journal. She suggested writing just 5 things each day for which you
were grateful. I thought the idea was wonderful, but sadly never followed up on it
until now. It really is a marvelous idea. It seems I can't wait to enter the things I
am grateful for each day. And they don't need to be earth-shaking. Here are
examples of the things I have been grateful for since I started keeping this journal:

1. I remembered my sister and her husband's wedding anniversary at liturgy. I
was glad that I could e-mail her this remembrance. Some years I forget!

2. I was grateful to Vera and John who gave me two large tomatoe plants. When
I saw her beautiful garden - I said to her - you must teach me how to plant tomatoes
from seed next year. Before the day was over, I saw these two heavy containers in
my yard-each containing a beautifully grown tomatoe plant.

3. My crock planter on the porch has been empty for awhile. I refuse to shop at Giant
Eagle because I am boycotting them re their buying veal from calves in veal crates.
That's where I usually purchased potted plants before. But today I went to the Bin
and they had some which were even reduced in price! My crock planter is no longer

4. Today was a beautiful 70 degrees! There was even a cool breeze. Someone exiting
the church this morning remarked to me that summer is gone. I told him I loved it!
Obviously, today's cool weather would not be listed in his gratitude journal!

5. I usually have to scrimp and save to pay my house taxes in July. This year, because
I finally paid off my loan to the City for new efficient furnaces, I didn't. What a great
feeling to be able not to have to scrimp!

6. I finally got a hair cut! How women can weekly go to the beauty parlors is beyond
my comprehension. So, when I finally made myself go for a haircut, I was really
glad. I felt so bad though for my elderly beautician. Too many had signed up for the
younger one. I liked the way she cut my hair, and my tip was extra large because
she did a good job and she obviously needed it. I am keeping her in prayer. That
is so wrong to ignore her that way!

7. Um, um. Finally I had a taste of Cheddar Soy cheese again. I haven't been going
to the Bin for many reasons - among them their prices are expensive. But I decided
that at least once a month I should get some of their vegan products which I like. So -
today I enjoyed a sandwich made with a slice of soy cheddar, a couple of slices of
tomatoe on white bread with vegan mayo. I found this simple sandwich delicious -
just because I hadn't had it for a long time. Next time I'll make a toasted cheese
sandwich which I even like better.

8. John and I cut the grass of our neighbor who died last year. No one is taking
care of it, so I was glad that John brought his gasoline mower (mine is electric)
and I weed-wacked the areas where the grass had grown tall so that he could

9. I emplyed Vera and John, two Serbian immigrants, who have been living on
our street since the 80's, to remove some privet bushes which fronted my house.
They reminded me of my Slovak immigrant parents because of their hard work ethic.
They got up early one Saturday morning and by 8:30 the privet bushes were gone
and neatly bundled - ready for garden collection during the week. For 40 years I
have been trimming these privet bushes which my parents had planted probably in
the 50's or the 60's. I surely will miss seeming them. However, I won't miss
trimming them!

10. I was grateful to get a new modem this past week for my computer and I was
grateful to Martin, a young man, who properly did the connection work. I tried but
failed. And one doesn't appreciate the computer until something goes wrong with it!

11. Today I read about the Sun Post-Herald's choice for person of the week. This
beautiful lady who is so outwardly as well as inwardly saves dogs from "high
kill" shelters in neighboring counties -hours before they are scheduled to be euthanized.
She finds foster homes for them and she often fosters them and cares for them as well.
As the article said - "If you were a dog, you'd always have a friend in Kristin Kudla.
God bless her! My Alabamian e-mail friend who also works tirelessly for dog issues
would absolutely love her.

I truly hope that you will be inspired as I to keep a Gratitude Journal. So many
things can go wrong in a day, that just recalling the things we should be grateful
for will make those reversals either forgettable or trivial. Happy journaling!