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This is Life Changing

Story ID:7326
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Biography
Location:Ontario California USA
Person:Ryan Andreas
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I while ago I watched Ryan Andreas audition for America's Got Talent. He inspired me, so I looked him up and we talked on the phone.
He gave me permission to write this story.

Good luck in Vegas, Ryan

This is Life Changing

Ryan stood off stage, just out of view of the audience, with his friend Annette and
her son, His nerves fired with excitement and fear. As if in a dream, he heard the judges
call for the next performer.

Nick Cannon, the host, shook Ryan’s hand and said, “OK! Give them what you
got, man.”

The crowd cheered. Ryan walked to center stage and faced the judges: Sharon
Osbourne, Howie Mandell and Piers Morgan.

Sharon asked his name and where he was from. Ryan told her his name and that
he was from Ontario, California. When asked what he was going to do for them, he said,
“A little piano and a little vocals for you guys.”

“Tell me what the dream is.” Sharon said.

“The dream is to make a living at what you love to do.”

“Good luck!” Sharon smiled.

Ryan walked to his keyboard, sat down and froze. He had ninety seconds to prove
to the judges he was worthy of going to Las Vegas to compete in the final stages of the
competition. He rolled up his sleeves, took a deep breath and blew it out. His life flashed
before his eyes …

Born the son a father (Richard) who was a vocalist for numerous bands, including
the Tropical Stars, in Europe during the 60’s, Ryan’s talent came naturally. A car
accident cut Richard’s career short. After two years of rehabilitation, Richard never
regained his music career. The financial loss was too much. Richard and his wife moved
to the USA, where Ryan was born in California on November 21st, 1975.

Ryan was an introvert. He wore glasses and proclaimed he was a nerd. His first
love was art. His love for drawing and sketching changed when he was fifteen. It was
then that he picked up a 6-string guitar. Ryan found a new love – music. His dreams
of becoming a rock star did not help his schooling. He constantly turned to his guitar
instead of his school work.

Ryan graduated high school and enrolled in the local college to study information
technology. After graduating, he found employment with Earthlink in the early 2000’s.

In 2009, Ryan lost his job as an IT manager.

He sat in his room, out of work, with no means of support. Ryan looked at the
musical instruments surrounding him and thought, “It is never too late.”

Ryan’s friend Annette listened and admired Ryan’s talent and knew others would
too. “Ryan, you need to audition for America’s Got Talent”!

Thirty-six, shy and self-conscious, Ryan heeded her words …

Ryan heard nothing. The audience waited. He blew out another breath, looked
off stage at Annette, gathered his courage and began to play. His fingers danced over
the keys as he sang a haunting rendition of “In the Arms of an Angel”. After the first
line, the crowd began to cheer.

The cheering grew. Ryan continued to play and sing. Backstage, Annette smiled
and nodded. “I told you!” she thought to herself.

Ryan finished the last line of the song he made his own. The audience
immediately jumped to their feet and chanted, “Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!” referring to
the next level of competition.

The crowd quieted. Howie spoke first. “The timbre of your voice and the sound
was just so …it blew me away.”

Piers said, “I thought that was very impressive. You are very good.”

Sharon asked, “Ryan, how many times do you perform, say, in a month?”

“I ah …I pretty well play everyday on my little piano in my bedroom.”

“No! I mean in front of an audience.”


Ryan’s response shocked the judges. He was too good not to be famous already.

It was a small white lie. He had performed in front of friends and family, but
nothing like he faced this night. His lack of skills with the microphone was proof.

Howie gave him a “yes”.

Piers said, “One thousand percent, yes!”

Ryan knelt, placed his hands together, as if in prayer, and looked at Sharon.
“Ryan, I’ll see you in Vegas!” She smiled.

Ryan bounced around the stage, saying, “Yes! Yes!” over and over.

He ran to the backstage, opened his arms and hugged Annette, her son and
Nick in one big group hug. He held out his hands to show the shaking.

Ryan did it!

As the adrenalin subsided, Ryan said, “This is life changing!”

My dream is to make a living at what I love doing – writing. Ryan is following his
dream. It’s never too late for dreams to come true. Ryan is an inspiration to all.

Michael T. Smith

Watch and enjoy Ryan's audition here:

Ryan is on his way to being a star. I believe he can win the competition, but if
not, he will be a star.
Ryan gave me these links for you to follow him:
www.youtube.com/inkrediboy. His personal youtube channel.

Other links: