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Three Sharp Pains

Story ID:7331
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Three Sharp Pains-------

As I set on the edge of the bed
Ready to lay down my head
Suddenly I felt a sharp pain
It happened again and again

Nitro wouldn’t stop it
I tried three pills
No relief to the ache
No relief to my ills

I took my cell phone
Hesitated to call nine one one
Someone might need it more than me
Hesitating no longer, decided to “gitter dun”

Five minutes later here they came
Ambulance and medics were shown
Loaded me on to the gurney
Took off for parts unknown.

Ended up in Kaiser Hospital
In Fontana, California, attention galore
Needles and drugs introduced to my body
Rushed to the second floor

The staff treated me with TLC
The RN’S looked to be in their teens
More tests than I could count
Made me think they were “mean”

Against the stark white wall
Was a large clock
After things settled down
All I could see was the second hand, going Tick-Tock

Maybe it was the drugs and shots
Why were my eyes riveted on that clock?
Moving every so slowly

As I drifted in and out of my naps
As I covered my body with that one way frock
My eyes would encounter
That slowly moving clock—Tick-Tock

For three days I suffered
Neither ache’s nor pain’s
Seemed as if a cloudburst
Was raining on my brain

All I saw waking from a nap
No control–my eyes would lock
On that round object on the wall
That slow-slow moving clock--Tick-Tock

Three days later
Suddenly I’m going home, ate my last beef stock
Waiting on the papers
Staring at that damn clock-tick tick, tock tock

Finally my freedom papers arrived
The RN removed my hospital socks
I stared with loathing at
That “slow as molasses” hospital clock

I said some bad words
Just beneath my breath about that slow moving clock
These words are unprintable
About that %@*&$#@ slow moving hospital clock

Since I’m home from the hospital
If I need to know the “time”, I’ll look at my watch
No more of that
Horrible Hospital Slow Moving Clock

Quite an experience one I don’t want to go through again, Thank You GOD

Monte L. Manka 7-7-11