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Tom Robbins

Story ID:7346
Written by:Julie Grassley (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:In The Spotlight
Location:Peninsula Ohio USA
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Tom Robbins

Reading Tom Robbins is like entering a beautiful, wild world. Some of it possible on earth, some just delightful fantasy. An author with such joy and wonder directed through his lens. As well as some sexual content that still makes me uncomfortably interested.
Robbins was born in North Carolina, he has two younger sisters and both of his grandfathers were Southern Baptist preachers. His family moved to Warsaw, Virginia in 1942. Robbins was awarded the Senior Essay Medal from Hargrave Military Academy in 1950. He graduated with honors from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1959, enjoyed some hitchhiking and then became a copy editor at the Times-Dispatch. Robbins moved to Seattle in 1962 where he worked as an art critic for the Seattle Times.
He sends you weaving in and out of reality and fantasy so easily that you sink into his books and long to stay there. In Jitterbug Perfume he takes you from a king to a genius waitress, pulls you in and whips you through his world in a rollercoaster ride of many countries and cultures.
Another Roadside Attraction is action packed with murdering monks and a lovesick man. This man is in love with a pregnant woman who opens a hot dog stand and a flea circus. Still Life With The Woodpecker follows a former cheerleader, Leigh-Cheri on adventures involving love, tequila and bombs. Leigh-Cheri enters the world depicted on a pack of Camel cigarettes, more exciting than it sounds.
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues starts with you cheering for a large-thumbed girl and leaves you with an appreciation for all that is different from mainstream America. She travels via hitchhiking and explores cities, the countryside and people. There is some sexual exploring in a cave that is rather x-rated.
I remember reading him when I was in my early 20ís and I was mesmerized by his storytelling. I think he ruined dating for me in my early college years. No man seemed nearly as exciting as he did. I once had a chance to meet him but ended up standing in the wrong line and he left by the time I realized my mistake. Oh well, some things arenít meant to be I guess.

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