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Uncle Fossill Comes to Visit Me

Story ID:7355
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Well,in most of my Uncle Fossill tales,it has been myself that travels up to Podunk Tennessee to visit My Uncle Fossill,but on reminising back,I have remembered that one time,He,My Uncle Fossill,did venture South for a short visit with Me.
It was in the dead of winter and I had laid in huge piles of fire wood for my wood burning fire place,I had bought several new blankets to go on the bed where Uncle Fossill would be sleeping along with an electric blanket or two.I wanted Uncle Fossill to be comfortably warm here in our cold Georgia winter for his visit.
I met Uncle Fossill out at the Atlanta Metro airport (I had bought a first class ticket for Him)and we proceeded to drive to My home,I was at the time,very excited about His visit and wanted to show Him all the Southern (Georgia) hospitality that I could Muster,but above all this,I wanted Him to be warm down here in our cold Georgia winter.
He was to stay a week at My house and I had made sure to serve Him warm soup to keep Him from catching Cold,but after two days I was very surprized to hear Uncle Fossill tell me that He was going back to Tennessee.
Never the less,I bundled Him up in the new fur lined parka that I had orders from sears just for Him.made sure He had on his alaskan mukluks (fur lined of course) warmed up my car and proceeded to the Air Port with the car heater on full blast to see Him off.
At the air port I ask Uncle Fossill one more time why it was that He was returning to Tennessee so soon and cutting His visit short,He replied "Boy,ima goin back thar whar it's a bit cooler!"
Bob Mitchum :)