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Happy's Korner Again

Story ID:7375
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Happy's Korner Again

I am happy that I read the church bulletin wrong and thought yesterday was our annual pickic/servece at Barretts Station on the Beaverhead River.
When Roz and I arrived, we knew we had the wrong Sunday. I am happy that I have to look forward to next week for that event.

I am happy that since we were too late for Church, we drove to my Mom's gravesite and had a beautiful visit and had breakfast with her.

I am happy that I have limited mobility and need an electric scooter to get around. I am told that I am an inspiration to others who wish they could make themsesves use one. It is just mind-set. If you need it-do it!

I am happy to be able to give $50.00 to a 9 year old girl who has Spina Bifida and is going to a clinic and then to Disneyland.

I am happy for the beautiful handmade thank you card she made for me. I know it was hard and it made me cry.

I am happy that my gardner is on the outs with me. It now makes me get out on my scooter and do some things.

I am happy that I have a loving God who doesn't care if i eat meat.

I am happy to live in the next best place to Heaven - Dillon Montana!

I am happy that I have a loving wife of almost 42 years who takes me for what I am.

I am just plain happy and see things around me everyday that make me happier.

Chuck in Montana

I encourage you to always look for the bright side of life and find the many things to be happy about