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Now That Thrills Me

Story ID:7377
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
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We battled a late tropical storm that came up the east coast and hit Nova Scotia
with a warm blast of humid air. Strong winds made the power lines whistle in our small
village of Sambro: Green leaves, ripped from their branches flew through the air. My
brothers and I felt like super heroes, as we jumped from the shelter of our house and into
the fray. The wind blew us several feet back before we touched earth again. We rolled
along the ground, came to a stop, crawled back to our shelter and to do it again.

The roaring winds thrilled us.

During the long Nova Scotian winters, we always got a few blizzards. The wind
beat the heavy snow against the windows, where it stuck and blocked the grey light from
outside. Through the remaining small openings, we watched the snow pile into drifts.
When the storm blew itself out to sea, we bundled up in our winter clothes and went
outside to explored the changed landscape. Wed meet friends and talk excitedly about
the thrill the storm gave us.

Hot summer days found us swimming in the brook. Cool water and fun with
friends was our summer thrill.

We became teens and attended teen dances. Rock-n-roll, strobe lights, maybe mist
drifting across the floor and friends were the thrill.

Adulthood came with new thrills: a good job, a wife, children.

Now I head into my senior years and think about all the things that thrilled me.
Times change and so did my priorities. What thrills me now? I look at Ginny and know
the answer. Im thrilled to have a wonderful wife and amazing love.

Now that thrills me!

Michael T. Smith