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The Mysterious Hound Of The Bsketcases(A Mitchum Mystery)

Story ID:7381
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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My name is Shylock Humes,I am a Detective that uses unusual methodes to solve unusual mysteries,I reside at 219 Beaker Street New London Connecticutt,I am not to be confused with Mr.Arthur C. Doyles Detective as I never even met the man,however I do have an accomplice called Dr.Swatson,Dr.Swatson is in reality my cousin but on occasion He accompanies me on my unusual cases.He did NOT come with Me on this one.
I was summoned one august Morning into the office of one Mr.Murphy Basketcase,He informed Me that He required my services to track down and find a very vicious Animal that had escaped the confines of His Home down in the appalachian Mountains.And so began the chase.
I arrived at the huge Victorian Manssion on a cloudy and moonless night,I was ushered into My room by a person whom I assumed to be the Butler,as it turned out,it was Mrs. Basketcase.As I prepared for bed,a huge rumble of thunder echoed outside,reverbarating off the great mountains surrounding the Victorian Mansion and which was followed quickly by a great flash of lightening,I saw a great shadow on the wall in the resulting light,It was the BEAST! I quickly grabbed my flashlight and raced outside,determined to catch this monster and solve the mystery!I flashed my meager light all around into the dark hawthorn bushes but could see nothing.I listened for a second and heard the sound of the retreating animal out in the grass and gave chase.I saw the beast as it ran into a dark cave on the side of a near by mountain and followed it inside that dark hole.I could hear it panting loudly as I went deeper into the cave.It was just around the next bend,panting as if in anticipation,waiting there,crouching in the dark.
Suddenly It attacked with a vicious snarl,It rushed out of the dark as if it would devour my very Soul,It grabbed my trouser cuff in it's jaws and gave it a sharp tug,growling furiously as it did so! I quickly reached down and grabbed it by the scruff of it's neck and carried Mr.and Mrs Basketcase's Chihuahua back to the Victorian Mansion for it's nightly bath.Case CLOSED!
Bob Mitchum :)