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The Ship of State

Story ID:7383
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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The Ship of State is in distress
and crewed by simple fools
it's Captain has thrown away
His maps and book of rules

His crew they sit and mumble
and still they draw their pay
while the poor Ship of State
founders amid the waves

That Glorious Flag of Our Nation
should be flown upside down
for the Captain and His Crew
are but fools and clowns

We the Aged Passengers
are just here for the ride
and may be caste away now
into the raging tide

But sail on My Great Ship
go forth unto your fate
while other scornful Nations
sneer At You with Hate

I trust that you will find your way
amid the shoals and rocks
and sail Thee safely back again
back home unto Your Dock
Bob Mitchum