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Dog Show in Romania?

Story ID:7385
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various Romania
Person:Nancy Jane
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I think we are all aware of animal cruelty, so sometimes I think -what's the point
of yet another blog re it? Then I realize -there will always be a point in doing so,
because unless we are aware of it, how can we ever hope to even in some small way
address it. Today's Care 2 is an example of the need to be aware and to share.
Unbelievably, some terribly misinformed officials have decided that the 2012 Euro
Dog Show will be held in Romania.

I'm sure that not all Romanians are dog haters and dog killers, but the incidence
of dog abuse and overpopulation in that country is horrendous. In 2001 the then-
mayor of Bucharest launched a campaign that led to the extermination of at least
100,000 stray dogs in the capital alone. However, even though such a mass killing
again of dogs has been prohibited, the incidence of streets being littered with live
and dead dogs resumed and continues to the present. There is no concerted effort
by government to educate the people re the need of spaying or neutering their
dogs to avoid this evident animal cruelty.

Many of us were shocked to read at the Care 2 site re this unbelievable decision
to hold a dog show in a place where the lives of dogs are so inconsequentional.
The writer of the post even provided a video for us to watch re a horrible act of dog
cruelty there.

To tell you the truth, I am one of those who would rather read about animal cruelty
than view it first hand, even though it has been oft- said that a picture is worth a
thousand words. Then I would imagine a video is worth many thousands more.
Still I had to click the video because there was no written account of it. After
doing so, I know that I will never need to see it again, though of course, the haunting
image of this brutality to a living creature will probably recur in my thoughts again.

A man stood over a white dog - a beautiful white dog who was lying down placidly
on the ground. He took his club and hit the dog in the head once- twice, and then
repeatedly - when by all accounts, this beautiful creature of God was already dead-
destroyed by his dastardly cruel hands.

But he kept on hitting him in the head. And then to show the satisfaction of the
"great" job he had done, he stomped on his bloody head and stood on it as if to say
that he was some sort of macho man for snuffing out the life of this beautiful innocent
dog who gave him no fight at all. There are times when I am ashamed that I am
a human being. This is one of those times. Sadly though, there are way too many
other times when I feel this way because animal cruelty is not rare. And, of course,
I abhor human cruelty too. It too is not rare.

If you are on Care2, please look up this petition if you realize that Romania is
hardly a fit venue for the 2012 dog show. If you are part of the dog show world,
I hope that you will act in notifying the European committee re what a terrible
mistake it has made to showcase a country which abuses its dogs, unless showcasing
them will make others realize the need to do something to reverse this cruelty.

Today, if so inclined, we can help the dogs of Romania by supporting-RAR, an
American organization which is dedicated to improving the lives of these dogs. It
was founded by Nancy Jane and two other people from the San Francisco area in
2003 after their eye-opening tour there. They decided that their mission would be
to establish animal welfare in Romania.

Per their internet site: "We have currently set up a spay/neuter program, free to the
public for any dog or cat in Romania and have applied major funding for the building
and upkeep of an animal shelter." What courage and dedication that only a precious
few of us have.

For awhile I was able to do my internet searches for them on "Welcome Good Search"
which allocates a penny for each legitimate search to the charity of one's choice.
I don't know what happened, but I have recently experienced difficulty there re
this. However, I hope others may still be clicking for RAR.

I am very happy to end this basically somber post with a happy update of Patrick-the
pit bull who was almost starved to death by a woman in New Jersey who threw him
down a garbage chute in her apartment. This time the video at the site is a happy
one -showing him playing like a regular puppy with the vet who pulled him out of
a near-death experience. I want THIS video to recur again and again in my memory

Another happy update too regarding Dexter, the kitten, who was struck with an
aluminum bat by a cruel woman in a Florida park while her two small children
watched. He is purported to be on the mend as well even though there had been
concerns that his brain could have been badly damaged. Obviously, he has defied
the odds. Go, Dexter!

Thank God that not all the news in the animal world is bad, but sadly, there is still way
too much of it. We have to be encouraged though by the acts of love and compassion that
others do to make up for those who have no hearts.