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Pleasant Surprise

Story ID:7387
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Surprised Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Pleasant Surprise

This morning in the cool AM
About five-ten to-day
A rumble of thunder
I heard far from where I lay

This thunder was just a rumble
No crashing loud sounds
Just close enough
To let you know it’s around.

Then at 8:00 am.
My little Cock-a-poo dog barked from fear
As a terrible thunder-buster sounded off
Then what did I hear?

Big raindrops falling on the patio roof
Then that smell of fresh falling rain
That refreshing smell of --
It’s hard to explain

Kinda Like
A drink of cold water in the hayfield
At the dinner table a glass of iced tea
A Strawberry sundae from Grave’s drugstore
The shade of that old Hackberry tree

The air so fresh and clean
Inhaling it o-so-good
Close to the door
From where I stood.

My thoughts jumped back to my childhood
Playing in the hay-barn while it rained
Having fun where it was dry
While in the barn I remained

Or trying to sleep no AC.
When the temps 99
Late into the night
A shower then would be fine

In that upstairs bedroom
Where you could catch every breeze
Many times nary a leaf
Was stirring on that old Hackberry tree

Then in the distance
Was that thunder?
Hoping for a cooling shower
Would it get to us-“I wonder”

Then a breeze, then a shower
The old up-stairs bedroom cools
A night of good sleeping
Now you’ll

Go to sleep
With that refreshing-o-so-sweet
Smell of new fallen rain
Sent to us to beat the heat.

Monte L. Manka 7-31-211