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The Obvious (A Mitchum Tale)

Story ID:7422
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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I called My Cousin,Dr.Swatson on My Office Telephone,My call was immediately answered
by His Answering Machine.Hello,it said,This is
not the real Dr.Swatson,this is His Answering
Machine,please leave a message and Dr.Swatson
will call you back immediately.
I said, "Swatson,Come to my Office,I need You!"
and hung up the receiver.My Phone rang immediately
and I was surprized to hear Swatsons voice on the other end! "that was quick" I replied,Yes said Swatson,I was just setting here in my office waiting for Your call! You were in Your Office? I asked,Yes ,said Swatson,I was waiting for your call!
"Well",I said,"are You coming to my office?" Yes said Swatson,isn't that why You called Me?Yes I replied,I left a message on your answering machine
that said Swatson,come to My Office,I need You!Ok,said Swatson,do You Mind if I bring My seeing eye Dog? Your Seeing Eye Dog? are you bringing a Dog to My Office Swatson? Yes said Swatson,its my seeing eye dog,You Know that I am 99% blind don't You? Yes I replied,I know that,You have been 99% blind since Childhood.Ok said Swatson,we will be right over.
Uh Swatson,will you be driving yourself or will your Secretary be driving You? Well I suppose that my secretary will drive me and my Dog over to your office.
Swatson,are You bringing a dog to my Office? I replied......
Bob Mitchum :) :)