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Wake up Call

Story ID:7436
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. Usa
Person:Shaky chelsea Kansas Kid
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Wake up Call

Had a wake up call
The latter part of June
The old “ticker” threw a fit
Now my body’s out of tune

Food became tasteless
Appetite went to nil
Couldn’t sleep at night
My weight went down hill

Things went topsy turvy
No “get up and go”
Sat in the recliner all day
Doncha know

The nurses came out from Kaiser
Every other day
Made me do my exercises
Over my objections, I must say

Finally the nurses told me
I was on my way
To a full recovery
They would cut me loose today

Sorta scary
To be on my own
No more nurses visits
Groan, groan, groan

Gave me anxiety pills
To make it through the night
When I slept
Crazy, crazy dreams, what a fright.

I would retire at nine
Sleep till eleven thirty
Dreams were weird
Crazy and squirrely

I would go sit in the recliner
Wait for the dawn
Wide awake
Waiting for time to move on

I could only sleep on my right side
As I lay down in the dark
Conscious of any pressure
I might put on my heart.

Things are getting better
I can sleep through the night
Still some crazy dreams
But even they are moving out of sight

Appetite coming back
Eat everything I can find
Gaining weight and exercising
Kinda clearing up my mind.

Doctor’s orders not to drive
For a month or more
Then only able
To drive to the store

I’m back to driving
The highways and biways
And I want you to know
I’m doing it “MY WAY.”

Friends and Neighbors
Were so very kind
They brought food and more
Better neighbors you couldn’t find.

With this “Wake up Call”
I’m certainly more aware
Of many little things
Where before I didn’t care

Monte L. Manka 08-30-2011