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uncle Fossill And The Snow Gator

Story ID:7449
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Now I am sure that most of You have heard or at least know about the Himalayan Snow Leopard,but but this story dose't concern Leopards nor even the Himalayan Mountains,what it dose concern is the fact that Snow Gators live and thrive in and about the environs of Podunk County and Podunk Township up there in the great State of Tennessee.
Uncle Fossill had for years been envolved in capturing one of these very elusive creatures of whom it has been said,evolved from two baby Florida Aligators brought back to the Mountains by an octogenarian who had taken a tour bus down to Florida with a group of Senior Citizens and brought a pair of Baby Gators back with the idea of starting an Aligator Farm up there in Podunk County,said Baby Gators escaped into the gotchagoomie river and eventually evolved into the Snow Gator! a very vicious and deadly species of Gator that was said to be white in color and invisible to the every day Gator hunter of that area.
Uncle Fossill called me up recently and in a very excited tone of voice,informed me that He had at last captured a Snow Gator and asked if I would come up to share in his soon to be famousability as the only known living person to have ever seen a real live Snow Gator and lived to tell the tale,let alone have one in captivity!
I agreed and was soon on my way to Podunk,anxious to see this legendary creature with my own two eyes!
On My arrival Uncle Fossill ushered me into His small two room cabin and told me to go into the other room and look in that old claw foot bath tub where He was keeping that dad burned thang! I went in and looked down into the tub,but all I could see was a tub half filled with water with a few chunks of ice and snow floating in it.Uncle Fossill came and looked into the tub and remarked in an irritated tone "Well Tarnation!thet dad burned Snow Gator done went and melted!But dont worry Boy(Uncle Fossill always calls me Boy) alls we gotta do is set around and drank some of my "Special"brew and wait till it freezes up again,thets how I caught hit in tha first place!
Bob Mitchum :)