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Bull Spearing in Spain

Story ID:7464
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Serial Fiction
Location:Tordesillas Castilla y Leon Spain
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At first I thought that HSUS was "spearheading" a campaign to ask the people
of Spain to stop their cruelty in a practice that occurs yearly in November called
Toro de Jubilo (Bull of Fire). This annual savagery involves mobs chasing bulls
they have set on fire. Can you even try to imagine the agony of these bulls being
chased with their horns on fire? Where do these people get their horrendous ideas
of cruelty? And why do they enjoy seeing bulls suffer so cruelly? And my next
question has to be -where is the Catholic hierarchy, and why do they allow this
to continue? Is this not sinful behavior? Surely this is not something the gentle,
compassionate Christ would approve.

But no, this appeal from HSUS was not in regard to the Toro de Jubilo horror. It
has to do with another cruelty to the long suffering bulls of Spain. In the town of
Tordesillas in the Castilla y Leon region of Spain- every September an event is held
where a bull is chased down by men on horseback carrying long spears. The pursued
bull is naturally finally cornered, stuck, and then stabbed to death. This is unimaginably
cruel and barbaric.

HSUS has partnered with their colleagues in Spain and have launched the "Break a
Spear" campaign. It is hoped that people of compassion everywhere will sign the "Take
Action Today" petition at their site. If you want to sign it, I am sure that you will easily
be able to find it on the HSUS internet site.

The need for signatures is great because the Tordesillas Council voted earlier this year
for this "fiesta" to be protected as cultural heritage. I am so grateful that as far as
I know -my parents' people -the people of Slovakia do not have anything anywhere
near approximating the cultural cruelty these people seem to be so proud of. Of course,
there are many good Spanish people who abhor this cruelty as do we, but it seems they
are outnumbered by those who see it as something - something what? I have no idea
of how they view this cruelty. Is it a thing of beauty to them to see an animal suffer?