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Uncle Fossill and the Tax Collectorc

Story ID:7472
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Uncle Fossill called me last week and He seemed very upset,when I asked Him what was wrong,He told Me that He was going to be Audited by some consarned idjit from the Federal Government,I wasted no time getting up to Podunk Tennessee thinking that My Uncle Fossill might be in a lot of trouble.
When I arrived a young man was setting on Uncle Fossill's porch quietly asking Him Questions,I later found out that He was the Tax Auditor.
He first ask Uncle Fossill if He had had ever paid any Taxes on His property, Heck naw,replied Uncle Fossill.The Young man scribbled in His note book,Uncle Fossill went on to tell the Young Man that He had NEVER lived in taxas,and had ALWAYS lived in Tennessee,so why,Uncle Fossill asked the Young Man,should I give thet dad burned state of Taxas any dad burned money?
Um uh ok,said the Young Man,how about Stocks and bonds then?do you...but before He could complete the sentance,Uncle Fossill again chimed in and said,wal as I recollect I us bonded outta jail oncet by muh Nephew here,an as fer as stock goes I got one Cow,one Mule and two Hogs..uh..do Chickens count as stock?
The Young Man quietly stood up,took Uncle Fossill's Hand and said Sir,you should go apply for food stamps! Food Stamps? replied Uncle Fossill,whuts Food Stamps?
Never mind Sir,You have a nice day and ripping out the page he had scribbled His notes on,he wadded it up and threw it away as he drove off down the road.
Bob Mitchum :)