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Mt. Hemet Hill Volcano Comes Alive

Story ID:7478
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA _USA
Person:Wonderin Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Mt. Hemet Hill Volcano Comes Alive

Mount Hemet Hill Comes Alive

As I leave through the back gate
Of our commune of “55 and older class”
I spot Old Hemet Hill Volcano
Belching little clouds of pent up gas.

That old Hemet Hill eruption
Lasted just a few
Puffs of white clouds
Into the atmosphere it did spew

The traffic on this road
Was brought to a standstill
While the drivers watched
The action of Old Hemet Hill.

Lucky I had my camera
So this eruption I could record
While watching intently
No one spoke a word.

One little cloud was fired high
Above Old Hemet Hill so austere
I caught this sight
Before the cloud could disappear.

Imagination is such a great thing
But that notch in the top of Hemet Hill
With that cloud behind it
And the morning so still.

Left me watching and waiting
In this early morn
As I was on the way to the donut shop
For our breakfast just after dawn.

Give this old man some lee-way
Don’t fault him for this tale
This is what he was thinking
As he watched Old Hemet Hill exhale.

I’m so happy that
I can still enjoy at age of Eighty-four
This great nature picture
While standing here on the desert floor.

Monte L. Manka 9-23-2011