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Jus Reminisin

Story ID:7484
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Dreamin Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Jus Reminiscing

If I was called tomorrow
I think Iíve had my share
Of good times and bad times
Right now I donít care.

Having been born a farm boy
Back in ďTwenty SixĒ
IĎve done my share of hard work
Out there in the Chelsea Kansas sticks.

Iíve tended those farm animals
In the summer heat and the winter cold
I did my stint for Uncle Sam
These stories youíve been told.

Traveled on a Merchant Marine troopship
On the Pacific blue
Been on a couple Army planes
Traveled on a Navy LST too

Returned home to the farm
Decided to finish school
Went to work at El Doradoís Skelly Oil Refinery
Better than cultivating corn with a team of Mules

Was introduced to Shirley Jean
Something was amiss
My heart kept missing beats
After our first kiss

Married Shirley Jean
In a Russell, Kansas doncha know
Nine July 1950
Thatís 61 years ago.

We raised a couple kids
Lori Rae and Scott
Couldnít have been two nicer
We love them a lot.

Got a job with Richfield Oil
Then I changed to driving a truck
Iíve driven all over Southern California
Had some close ones, Thank you lady luck.

Moved from Corona to Hemet CA.
To live out my final years
Quiet, quiet neighborhood
Nothing here to fear.

I had a Heart attack
Shirley had a stroke
For a couple weeks
Everything could have gone up in smoke

Each day weíre getting better
Trying to make up for strength we lost
Both weak as a kitten
Glad that final line wasnít crossed.

Good friends by the hundreds
From shore to shore
Sad to say some have passed on
They will live in my memory forevermore.

This is a short version
Of my life so far
I donít have to worry
About me going off to war

So Iíll just set here
In my humble abode
And recall these great memories
With my head unbowed

Iíll play cards on my computer
Another game of solitaire
No place to go
And all day to get there.

Monte L. Manka 09-29-11