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Heroes of August 2006

Story ID:750
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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Subject: Heroes of the week- August 2006

LINDA NEALON -August 11, 2006

Along with all the sad and even sometimes terrible news of the day, thank God
we find that it is often balanced at least somewhat by the beautiful stories of
love and kindness -sometimes even heroism.
So for me it was apropo that I should find a heroic young woman on the news-
no less on August 11th, the feast of St. Clare who had followed closely in
the footsteps of St. Francis - probably the greatest lover of all Creation.
After experiencing the trauma of trying to rescue the thousands of pets left
behind in Katrina's wake, Linda Nealon left New York completely on her own
to go to the Middle East and lend a helping hand at Lebanon's only animal
shelter. What a gal! And if you saw her on ABC's Person of the week, she is
a beautiful young woman on the outside as well.
Often times teary as she spoke to the reporter, she said that these innocent
victims of war have been through so much - many running along side of the road
traumatized from the noise of the bombs. Some were sitting by the rubble, waiting
for their owners to come home.
She said that she can't stand to see animals in harm's way and has prepared
150 of these abandoned pooches for adoption which can be seen at http:animals.beirut.
com/. Even David of ABC adopted one of them.
God bless her and all those who care for not only humans but animals as well.

PS. Today Sept. 22, 2006 Charles Gibson gave
an update on Linda's compassionate work. Because of the broadcast featuring her work
in Lebanon after the devastation of those warring weeks between Israel and Hezbollah,
300 dags were on their way to new homes in
Canada and the US. The power of one caring woman touched the hearts of many.

On this same broadcast Matt of WI saved his
school from becoming another Columbine. He
found out that a couple of his schoolmates were going to place bombs by the bathroom, set fires, and then start shooting at the fleeing students they didn't like. Thanx to Matt who reported what he knew to the asst. principal, the boys' homes were searched and guns, bomb materials,
and suicide notes were found proving the plot to be true. And so Matt was chosen person of the week. As most picks this one was most deserving.


On Friday night I often watch one of the news discussion groups on PBS. Last night
I watched Washington News with Gwen Ifel and heard Pete Williams mention that
for eight months British Intelligence worked on this now exposed terrorist threat
with liquid explosives. When they felt it had passed from the planning to the opera-
tional stage, they immediately notified the US to take adequate protective measures.
As we all know a great catastrophe was averted thanx to not only the quick response
of the Brits and the US Homeland Security but also to the MUSLIM tipster who had
months earlier told the Brits to keep an eye on a fellow Muslim who he felt was up
to no good. Whoever you are, thank you and God bless. I'm sure there are many
Muslims who do not condone what terrorists Muslims are doing. Another incidence
of the oft saying - do not discount what one good person can do - be it the beautiful
lady from New York or the Muslim who gave the tip which led to the undoing of a
horrible terrorist plot.
I receive Congress.org updates and I was pleasantly surprised that they reminded
us what all of us should do - thank the British government for foiling the terrorist plot.
I'm sure Americans of British descent are justifyably proud of their British background.


I am glad that I had turned on to the History Channel this same day and found a
sad story which I don't think most of us know about. That too is sad. The USS Indian-
apolis which twice served as flagship of the Pacific's 5th Fleet was torpedoed on July 30
@ 12:14 AM and within 12 minutes the last major US warship of WWII sank. Of the
almost 1200 men aboard, 300 men went down with her. Of the 900 in the water most but
not all had donned life jackets.
For some reason, the Indianapolis wasn't reported missing when she failed to arrive
at Leyte, one of the Phillippine Islands, and as a result these poor men were in the water
for 4 days before almost by accident a patrol aircraft spotted them.
Only 321 men were finally rescued because many of the men died from extreme thirst-
drinking the salt water which only dehydrated them further. Some were bitten or eaten by sharks though many of the sharks were feasting on the the men who died from dehydration, burns, and other injuries.
Needing a scapegoat for this tragedy of horrendous proportions, the Navy blamed Capt.
Charles McVay III and courtmarshalled him. Unbelievably, the Navy killed legislation in
1998 which would have cleared him. Finally in July 2001, 56 years after the event, the
Secretary of the Navy ordered that McVay be exonerated of any wrong doing in the loss of
the USS Indianapolis when they acknowledged in 1968 that the Navy knew there was a submarine risk in the area where the Indianapolis was sailing but did not inform her commander. However, it was too late for Capt. McVay. Even though his men stood by him,
some of the families of the lost men were not as forgiving. Probably that and never getting
over the sigma of the conviction, in 1968 he shot himself to death with his Navy sidearm.
Even though I do not know of his religious persuasion, I am glad that the Catholic church
has become more caring and understanding of people who commit suicide and realize that
only God knows the hearts and minds of people who take their lives.
From my viewing of the History Channel's and internet accounts- I feel that he was terribly wronged and certainly if any one would understand - it is God. I want to put the captain and his family on my prayer list even at this late date. I think we owe them that at least. I can't imagine the suffering this whole episode caused them. When we think of our often piddling
sufferings we should think of the skipper and his men of the USS Indianapolis.

JASON GIAMBI-Baseball's last honest man? - August 12, 2006

Thanx Ian O'Connor. In his special to FOXSports.com he wrote: "The imagery made Jason
Giambi different. The imagery inspired by his grand jury testimoy in the BALCO case,
inspired by a confession that put to shame Gary Shefield, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds."
Yes, he came clean and admitted placing steroid drops under his tongue and rubbing
steroid creams into his skin. As O'Connor wrote- "He gave up the whole story, and nothing
but. Under oath, Giambi did the Full Conte."
Mocked in his own park, Yankee Stadium, and loudly jeered everywhere else, I am abhorred
by this lack of appreciation for someone who had the courage to tell the truth. I am
very happy that despite his unappreciative fans he is making a comeback and helping the Yankees possibly make their 12th consecutive trip to the playoffs. I think anyone who
has the courage TO TELL THE TRUTH deserves to put up good numbers. And imagine
that the Yankees wanted to unload him.
Go Jason, go! Ian O'Connor started this article - GIAMBI: BASEBALL'S LAST HONEST MAN?
Sadly, most fans are not worthy of such a man of his stature. He made a mistake
but owned up to it. That makes him special in my eyes. I hope it does in yours as well.
Too bad he's not playing with our Cleveland Indians. We are now out of contention, but
I would have been happy to have him don our Indian uniform.