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Animal Concerns/Update on Star

Story ID:7511
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various usa
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Everyday I pray that the Cafos from hell be dismantled. I was profoundly saddened
to learn that a Franciscan priest whose sister and brother-in-law have a hog Cafo sees
nothing wrong with that. Obviously, the Franciscans generally have departed from the
compassionate ways of their founder, St. Francis, re their approach to animals. And
to add injury to insult - this parish is holding a fund-raising Pork Festival. Needless
to say, I won't be attending. I also deposited nothing into their "extra" cash fund
basket for this project as well as not purchasing the raffle tickets they sent me.

From Australia the very, very sad news that, despite the pleas of 60,000 Australians
and a group of caring ALP members in caucus, the government has decided that
exported animals will still be subjected to fully conscious slaughter in importing
countries. While I cannot boast that our US slaughterhouses always succeed in
properly stunning our poor animals - by and large, I believe the great majority are
stunned properly before being cut up. Some who incredibly are not properly stunned,
feel the horrible pain and suffering connected with dismemberment while alive which
must be pure hell for them. This should never happen at all. They could stop the
slaughter line and re-stun those needing it, but greedy owners won't allow this. I
don't know how people like this sleep at night.

From Care2 - Man's Tame Deer Shot by Officials. I'm sorry to tell you that I have
little faith in most of the Wildlife Divisions that I have heard or read about. Not too
long ago I read that here in Ohio you can't even save a deer or a fawn in need. I
remember writing about the man who tried to save a fawn whose mother was killed.
He was told that it was illegal to care for him or her. Imagine- illegal caring for one
of God's needy creatures.

Obviously, North Carolina wildlife agents even carry this notion to an extreme, and
without warning, killed nine tame deer on Wayne Kinley's property. One of the deer
was recovering from an injury. One was an abandoned fawn and the other seven
were exotic European deer. Their reason they said for doing so was concern re a
chronic wasting disease among deer. The only problem? This disease reportedly has
never been found in North Carolina's deer population.

How would you feel if you saw these innocent deer being shot by people supposedly
employed to respect and care for wildlife? I believe that Mr. Kinley has employed a lawyer
to look into this matter. I hope that he will receive justice for these peaceful, innocent deer
and that the Wildlife Division will be censured for this cruel unfeeling act.

Update on STAR. I have read so many stories of ill treatment to our companion animals
and each one causes me and people like me great heartache. Star's story which happened
in Malta is particularly haunting and cruel. To recap her story: A man had owned Star for
10 years and then became disenchanted with her because he said she was shedding too
much. What a gem! Star had probably given him love and affection for these 10 years
and now he wanted to be rid of her for shedding?

At the time, no one knew who was responsible for shooting her and then burying her
trussed up and still alive in a shallow grave. Somehow she managed to poke her
muzzled nose out of the ground in order to breathe and whimper. After 14 excruciating
hours she was discovered and dug out. The veternarian found her head riddled with
40 pellets from being shot repeatedly with a pellet gun at close range.

Though Star seemed to be on the road to recovery, she died some weeks after being
found. One internet place said that she died after only 3 days after her rescue, but it
was still time enough to capture her wonderful presence on video where this beautiful
collie looked on the mend but sadly wasn't. Personally, I believe she lived longer than
3 days because with all those pellets removed from her head, her head must have been
bandaged for a long while before the traces of this barbaric act were gone.

This news was heartbreaking for all of us who had hoped for a happier ending.
Now, people who knew about this terribly abused dog and who had begun loving her
from the very beginning, only hoped that the cruel person who committed such a dastardly
and unfeeling act would be found and punished.

Animal welfare agents and the police began a thorough investigation which led them to
Alfred Vella, 44, the owner of the field in Birzebbuga where Star had been buried. He
said that he shot "Buttons" (her original name) because she was old. Why in heaven's
name did he take her in the first place if she was so old? And ten years is not old to any
of us who treasure the lives of our dogs.

Bella admitted to charges of animal cruelty. He also admitted making the firearm
himself. He was sentenced to three months in jail for illegally making and using a firearm.
Unfortunately, Malta's laws do not penalize animal cruelty in terms of jail time, but he
he was fined 10,000 euros for the animal cruelty charge as a first time offender. I looked
up euros compared to our US dollars. One euro is worth about 1.50 in US dollars.

At Care2 we were asked to sign a petition asking Malta officials to respond to the need
for stronger animal protection laws. I'm sure you can find that site on the internet if you
want to do this in Star's memory. And don't forget to find her U Tube video while there.
I loved seeing her even though naturally tears began to well up in my eyes. They will well
up in your eyes too if you love and respect this beautiful creature of God who deserved so
much better from man.