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Journaling -Oct. 16, 2011

Story ID:7518
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Diary/Journal Entry
Location:Lakewood Ohio usa
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I hope many of you journal. I may have written about this before- trying to follow
the "gratitude journal idea" which Oprah once promoted on her shows. She even
suggested we buy a Waterman pen for this project which would somehow make writing
easier. I believe that she is basically correct in this notion. Having the correct utensils
or equipment in any endeavor makes the task easier and more pleasurable.

What I also love about this type of journaling is that after trying to recall the good
things of the day, I devote half of a page to make a "To Do" list. It's great because I
can keep on going back and seeing what tasks I have done- happily crossing them out,
and then of course, am aware of yet what tasks need addressing.

So here's my Oct. 16th journal which of course, I made concise for my journal page.
This one I also shared with friends and family:

Just a quickie, but today I have dishes aplenty awaiting me from doing more
cooking than usual. I had a hankering for "lazy pirohi." You know them as
pierogi which is the Polish word while ours is pirohi. One time on Cleveland
PBS a lady made pirohi with lasagna noodles. Was I ever grateful. I love pirohi
but all are made with egg in the dough, so this vegan was able to finally assuage
her taste bud yearning with this eggless recipe. God bless her!

I have been catching "Jazzy vegetarian" on -Saturday at about 11. Wow - what
a beautiful lady and what delicious vegan fare she makes. You might want to
check her out. She is also on the internet of course. Even if you're not vegan, I'm
sure you will want to incorporate more veggies and fruit in your diet.

I lost Casey, my dog in July. I still can't talk about it because it hurts too much. I
brought in Paget - a beautiful long haired black kitty who I was feeding in my yard
during the summer. It was time to bring her in. We went to get her spayed though I
realized she may have already been spayed and told the doctor so, but I said it
has to be checked out. He said he would have to get help to hold her down and
shave her belly. I said let's proceed as a spay. While I was right - she was already
spayed, I was glad she was put under because she had mites and he was able
to clean her ears out well as she was under. Otherwise I would have had to pill
her for this and if you've never pilled a cat - you're missing a basically exasperating
experience. Well, it is so in my opinion. You need someone to hold most cats down who
fight against this intrusion. Dr. Kress is a low cost spaying one-man clinic though he
sometimes has an assistant. I appreciate his small costs.

So, obviously, I was able to enumerate some of these "gratitude" items on the days which
they occurred:

1. Made my lazy pirohi which I had a hankering for
2. Watched an amazing lady - the "Jazzy Vegetarian" make spectacular recipes.
3. Caught up with too many unwashed pots, pans, and dishes.
4. Cooked up a storm - vegan manwich sandwiches, lazy pirohi, and macaroni
and cheese.
5. Made a delicious cooling drink from sliced orange slices, lemon sorbet, and water.
6. Began my stocking up of litter, bird seed, canned cat food. By the time its snows,
I won't have to do that type of shopping for a couple of months.
7. Today I gratefully remembered my dear Dad at liturgy who died on this day in
l962. He was a dear Slovak immigrant who came to this world for a better life.

Hope I've convinced you to keep a journal!