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Uncle Fossill's Trip To Australia

Story ID:7523
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Now All of You,many of You,well I hope Some of You might possibly remember Uncle Fossill's encounter with that Escaped Knagaroo from the Circus if not please refer to "uncle Fossill And The Giant Rabbit" story.Anyway not long ago Uncle Fossill received a letter from the KnoxVille Zoo in which HE was thanked Profusely for his help and bravery in capturing the Animal,now they were going to ship it back to Australia where it was to be hailed as a national treasure and where Uncle Fossill was to be awarded the National Australian Kangaroo Ketchin Medal and the medal was to be awarded by no less a person than Croc Dunn,the Australian Croc Catching Champeen.
We boarded the Plane at the Podunk County Airport (a feat of bravery for me because the Podunk County Air Port is only a worn out Pea Patch at best) and the trip was quiet uneventful untill we approached the AirPort in DidJeereedoo Australia when the stewardess came on the mic (it was the Flying Koala Airline (for all those who might be interested)anyway she asked if there were any pilots on board the aircraft! Uncle Fossill jumped up and hollered "IMA PILEIT! where upon she ushered Uncle Fossill into theCock Pit of the craft!
Roight Mate,said the co pilot (the pilot had drank to much Fosters and Passed ou...err got sick) Lower the Flaps! Flaps? said Uncle Fossill,whuts Falaps? just pull the lever roight there Mate! Uncle Fossill did as he was told and the Flaps slowly decended and the plane started it's decent to the runway below,Ok Mate,lower the landing gear now! Landing Gear? whuts thet? asked Uncle Fossill..that thing there,said the copilot,pull that little switch down,Uncle Fossill again did as He was told,the plane touched down with squelching tires on the runway,ok mate cut the engine...uh..uh said Uncle Fossill..there said the co pilot..touch that yellow button,again uncle Fossill compled with the co pilots orders and the plane halted and every one dis embarked the air craft,on the way to the terminal I whispered to Uncle Fossill,"Where" I asked,"did you ever learn to be a Pilot? I never said I wus a pilot Boy! (Uncle Fossill always has called Me Boy) Uncle Fossill,I said,You told that stewardess that You were a Pilot! NO,said Uncle Fossill,I said I wus a PILE IT! When I was a Kid,My Daddy chop the fire wood and I would Pile it!Some How,my heart survived this news.
Bob Mitchum :)