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My 2nd. Car

Story ID:7527
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Loved that car-Chelsea Kansas Kid
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My 2nd. Car

My 2nd. Car

In 1946 when I got home from Overseas
I was searching through the want ads in the “El Dorado Times”
Looking for a car
Didn’t care what kind

I found a car in the town of Emporia, Kansas
Soon Dad and I were on our way
Within one hundred miles of Chelsea
Up 13 Highway

A Couple hours later, in the early afternoon
We were checking out that 35 Plymouth Coupe
Kicking the old tires looking her over with care
I fell in love with her, what more can I say.

For 300 bucks the owner said I could take her away
On the outside I could not find a scratch, ding or a dent
On the inside the upholstery
Had not a rip ravel or rent.

The back of the seat was split
Right half would raise to let you in the trunk
If the trunk was frozen shut
You had access to the tools and other junk.

I signed some papers
Drove to a filling station, did not go past
Had the air checked in the tires
Oil checked and filled with gas

First fill up was just a couple bucks
Gas was at 18.9 per gal.
Headed down Highway 13 to Chelsea
With my Plymouth, my car, my pal.

As I drove toward Chelsea
I was checking her inside
Windshield wipers, heater, worked
I was truly enjoying the ride.

The motor purred like a kitten
Just a little “six”
No radio,
That I could fix.

I was as happy as could be
I sang all the way home
As I met people on the highway
I waved to them and sang on.

One little blemish
On the right side
That old windshield was cloudy
Still I drove her with pride.—

That “35”
I drove her through dust, rain and drifts of snow
I’ve driven her
Where newer cars wouldn’t dare to go.

Went to Sears
Bought four 4-ply tires
Back to Sears because of gravel roads
One or more new tire expired

The salesman was perplexed
To make sure of no more blowouts
He replaced all four with 6-ply tires
Those 6 ply tires were mighty stout.

With the new tires
The ride was kinda stiff
As long as my date didn’t care
To me it made no diff.

Sixty-mph was top speed
If you drove faster the pistons would come apart
The speedometer broke at 90,000
She never failed to start

In the wintertime
When it was cold and snowy
She would turnover and come to life
And I would drive away.

When I traded her in for Number three
I turned my back as the salesman drove her away
My eyes were kinda misty a lump appeared in my throat,
Like a good friend, she stood by me all the way.

Thank you Old Pal
For years of being there
Doing my biding
Taking me every where

I’ll remember you forever
We had great times together
You carried me where I wanted to go
Through any kind of weather

I hope your next owner
Takes good care of you
Keeps your gas tank filled
Like I used to do.
Monte L. Manka 10-20-11