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Uncle Fossill and The Flat Land Tourist

Story ID:7530
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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On a recent visit to My Uncle Fossill's little Log Cabin up there in Podunk County Tennessee,My Uncle Fossill and I were visiting His Cousin who runs the local General Store,We were just saying Our Good Byes,which in Podunk County can take to upwards of an hour because you have to make sure you dont leave any releatives names out when You are leaving and telling your Cousin to say hello to all His Kin also,anyway this out of town visitor pulls up in a very large limousine,rolls the window down and Hollers out in a loud (and very rude voice) to Uncle Fossill.HEY BOY,CAN YOU TELL ME WHERE THE TURN OFF TO KNOXVILLE IS!?Now Uncle Fossill is at least in His 70's so it sort of rankled Me that this fellow was so rude to Him,but not withstanding the situation,Uncle Fossill told Him to make a U turn and go back 5 miles and take County Road 49 South,where upon the Tourist Fellow said well Boy,You are just trying to make an idiot out of me because my GPS system says I can go 3 miles down this road and take a RIGHT and go stright to Knoxville!Thus saying He drove off,squeeling His tires and kicking up a huge amount of dust as He did so,heading in the oposite way than Uncle Fossill had very kindly directed Him to go.
Uncle Fossill turned to Me and smiling a Wry Smile,remarked that "I reckon thet thar Tourist's smart car didn't know thet tha dadburn bridge down yonder bout 30 miles washed out last week!