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Time goes so slowly until-----

Story ID:7541
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet Ca. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Time Goes by So Slowly Until-----
(Time can do so much)
This is a line from an old song
“Unchained Melody”, a favorite of mine
I started thinking back
When they sang this line.

You start out in “Low “
Then it’ was “Second”, you know
“Third”, or “High”
Kinda like win, place and show.

When I was a kid
Seemed as if time stood still
While waiting for my next birthday
I hated waiting until

It was time to open my presents
Seemed so far away
When it was finally time for cake and ice cream
Couldn’t wait for them to sing Happy Birthday.

I hit “Second” about 19 years of age
Things were moving at a faster pace
To busy having fun
Birthdays fell into second place

When I hit my Fortieth birthday
Time shifted into “High”
The years were passing in a blur
My how time did fly.

When I retired at age Sixty-two
Time jumped into “Overdrive”
I considered myself lucky
Just to survive.

Twenty years later plus two
I’m doing all I can do
To slow down the fast speeding time
That I’m passing through

Looking for “Neutral”
Trying to get out of “Overdrive”
Trying to slow down old “Father Time”
Just put me back to forty-five.

There are not too many things I would change
It would be much slower pace you see
No more hurrying around
It’d be “Lower” gear for me

I’ll quit dreaming
And face my days with a smile
I appreciate the time God gave me
I would not change my lifestyle.

I’ve been very lucky
I’ve had a good life
With Scott and Lori, son and daughter
And Shirley Jean, my wife.

Looking forward to tomorrow
To view “Rosy Fingered Dawn”.
I’ll appreciate the day
I’ll slowly move on

I’ll be thankful
To be able just to see
The beauty of the world
For you, and you, and me.

Monte L. Manka 10-28-11