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Uncle Fossill Asks Me To Help Him Dig a hole

Story ID:7542
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Way back yonder in July(It's raining today and I was just sitting here reminising a bit)Uncle Fossill sent Me an urgent message saying that He really needed My help up there in Podunk Tennessee,He needed a few post holes dug so that He could put up a fence to keep the Wild Goats out of His Corn Field,so as usual I went up to see what I could do.I found Uncle Fossill standing out in the middle of His Corn Field with a shovel.Boy (Uncle Fossill always calls Me Boy,even though I am 70 years old now) "Boy" He says,"why dont Yew go over yonder and start in thet corner an I'll start rite cheer an we'uns can meet sum whar rite about tha middle of tha akers?"
Uncle Fossill,I said,It's July,dont you think it's a bit hot to dig post holes today with just the two of us working?
"Boy,I dug twice that much dirt when I was Younger,hit aint a gonna hurt yew any to work up a good sweat today!
Uncle Fossill,I said,just where did you ever dig any dirt? (I was a bit peeved because what I really wanted to do was sit in the shade and listen to some of Uncle Fossill's tall tales,and It really was hot.
Uncle Fossill looked at me with a twinkle in His Eye and replied "Boy,I was hired on to build a National Park and hit took me three whole days to finish it so thet tha touriss people could start to come an gawk at hit!"
Uncle Fossill,I said,you have NEVER worked for the Government!
"Wal,Boy,as I recollect,I did do just that,and hit wus supposed to take me a whole year ta finish hit too,but I done tha work in about three days!
Oh,I said unimpressed,and just what did they call that great National Park that You worked on so hard Uncle Fossill?
"Boy,haint yew never heard of tha Grand Canyon?"
Bob Mitchum :)