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We're Leavin Home

Story ID:7562
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Runaway Chelsea Kansas Kid
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We're Leavin Home

Weíre Leavin Home

Rags and I are leaving Chelsea
I packed some clothes and Rags a bone
I canít take it anymore
Rags and I are leavin home.

Iím tired of bringing in kindlin wood
Feeding those old Leghorn Hens
Then gathering those eggs, besides
Momís patience is wearing kinda thin.

Mom told me sheís going to have a baby
Now Iíll have to share
My dolls, if itís a girl
If itís a boy then I wonít care.

Be patient Rags
Soon a car will come down the road
Pick us up and we will be gone forever
Carrying that old suitcase is to heavy a load.

Iíll find work as a waitress
In a cafť when we get to town
We will live at the Salvation Army
Until we can get a home of our own

Rags, town is just over the hill
When some farmer gives us a ride
Weíll be there soon
Jus stay close by my side.

Rags Itís getting dark
Where will we sleep?
Walking on this gravel
Hurts my bare feet.

Fillin that old wood bin
Not so bad after all
Gathering eggs--
Did you hear Mom call?

Might be my imagination
Rags Itís getting late
Homes not to far away
Already half past eight

Mom can Rags and I come in
Weíve decided not to run away
If I help you with the dishes
Can Rags and I stay?

Rags, looks as if Mom
Is going to let us stay
If I promise her
Weíll never again run away

Iíll help mom with the dishes
Take care of my other chores
Me run away
Monte L. Manka 11-4-11