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Columbus Ga on the Brokest City In America List

Story ID:7569
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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I had decided NOT to comment on the Mayor of Columbus Ga and Her ongoing dispute with the "Daily Beast" and online news publication site which has reportedly listed Columbus Ga as one of the top ten brokest cities in America. But last night the 3rd abandoned Mill in Columbus Ga burned down,so it got me to wondering why are all these old mills burning?Of course the blaze was blamed on the usual suspects,Itinerates,homeless people and/or drug users.But I wonder,I wonder because not long ago the Mayor of Columbus Ga wanted to cut Columbus Ga's contribution to the Columbus Ga Naval museum and I believe did in fact accomplish just that.If Columbus Ga is not indeed in desperate need of funds,why then cut funding to a Museum?
It is purely the opinnion of this writer that if these old mills cannot be turned into condominiums for the wealthy,or otherwise made to PAY money into the City coffer,then they are disposed of in the most expediant way ie Burned to the ground.
Then there is the matter of 45 feet of the River Walk collapsining into the Chattahoochee River,a set back in the constrution of the much touted WHITE WATER RAFTING project which is SUPPOSED to bring THOUSANDS of tourist into the area,OF COURSE the collaps of the River Walk was NOT blamed on poor construction,but blamed on the River,I wonder if any more of the River Walk will collaps in the future?How many more buildings are going to burn down before some one outside the City of Columbus Georgia will become suspicious?
I also wonder how much insurance money Columbus Ga recieved when these buildings were mysteriously burned?
All in all i must agree with "THE DAILY BEAST" that Columbus Ga,and by association,Phenix City Alabama are indeed in the top 10 of America's Brokest Cities.
Bob Mitchum